Is Your Cell Phone Giving You Hemorrhoids?

Why am I getting hemorrhoids all of a sudden my client asked?

“Since I’ve been working with you I’ve resolved my constipation issues, increased my fiber and exercise and no longer strain while having a bowel movement. It makes no sense?”

After a long conversation about his health and bathroom habits I think we came up with the answer… it was his relationship with his cell phone! He was so personally connected to being “connected” to his phone that he didn’t even realize that he had started taking his phone into the bathroom with him.

He would sit on the toilet playing a game, texting his friends or checking his email for what turned about to be 20 to 60 minutes a few times a day. As a result the prolonged sitting had put pressure on his anus and stretched out the surrounding veins causing them to bulge and swell creating his hemorrhoids.

Once he was aware we tried an experiment for a few weeks where he left his cell phone outside the bathroom when it was time to use the facilities. Within a few weeks the hemorrhoids disappeared.

Do you have unexplained hemorrhoids? Are you sitting on the toilet too long reading or playing on your cell phone? Give this experiment a try and let me know how it works out.

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